The Gonzo Documents

The Gonzo Documents is a collection of first-person, mini-stories from people in the world of Axon Punk. We use these stories to directly add different ideas and perspectives to the setting of our game by commissioning many of these stories to be written by authors from marginalized communities, such as women, people of color, differently-abled people, and LGTBQ people. Colin and Cameron wrote and assembled the first collection of The Gonzo Documents for a fund raiser to help support Contessa’s trip to GenCon in 2016. In our 2017 KickStarter, we plan to commission stories for 5-10 authors in the gaming and music world and sell an expanded version of The Gonzo Documents in our KickStarter.


Excerpts from The Gonzo Documents:

Chat with a Ghost

“Getting your brain scanned isn’t a big deal. The scanning part, at least. The tech ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure. Back in the early days, they’d have a Wilson go sit in a lab for a Stationary Scan. Before that, during the Human Brain Project, they’d actually dissect dead people’s brains and build digital reconstructions of every bloody neuron. It was Obama’s BRAIN Initiative that came out with Stationary Scans. Took hours, but the hardware was cheap. Stationary Scans got the idea of the person across, but that’s all it was – stationary. Even these days, you’ll come across a Stationary on the Net once in a while. Sometimes they like to keep their old faces, helps ’em interact with the meat, but the rest of their digital souls are purely net derived. That’s the thing, a Stationary would start out like your smiling old Nan, but when you weren’t around, she was filling her memory banks with filth from the Deep. After a few years of that, her personality would become almost entirely unrecognizable, if it wasn’t arrested for theft, an EPNI (Egregious Public Net Indecency), murder or treason. Imagine what a couple of decades of existence would do to a mind like that. I would proceed very carefully if you ever realize you are dealing with an old Stationary.
These days, they do Kinetic Scans. The nimrods, I mean neuroscientists, finally remembered that everyone connects their own neurons in their own way. The only way to produce realistic, digital human behaviors is to scan the brain while the meat it’s actually doing something, slow as it might be…

-Interview with the AI scanned from hacker Corporal_Kittens on 15/04/2083.


War Stories

“It’s no coincidence that the first serious cyber-infiltration programs and games became widely available as the global wealth disparity was reaching it’s peak. All you needed was a POS console and a stable connection to run the first Cookie-Cutter theft programs. Hacking-based MMORPGs bred the first global generation of cyber-thieves. In the games, incipient hackers could hone their skills in the safety before they broke out into the world of international white-collar crime. Everyone had hacking skills back then, even if you didn’t use them outside of the games. “A fun new way to learn how to program and develop real-world skills!” Kids get fucked up moral compasses if they spend their free time cracking digital replicas of savings accounts. And as the newly armed and unemployed populous looked up from their keyboards, there was only one target – the global corporations and trillionaires that had amassed so much. Like Paraná attacking the universe’s most overfed and bloated cow, the mega-poor attacked the mega-rich. That’s why they called them Cookie-Cutters, after the shark. Get in, grab a chunk and get out. Quick, dirty and effective. And like the cookie-cutter shark, the hackers worked in schools. Tens of thousands of hackers would organized and strip a CEO of every digital penny they had. And into the Net they would disappear, each with their own little parcel to feed their family or feed their addictions. This led to the megarich keeping physical stores for their wealth. Then The Lists started coming out…

-Excerpt from documentary Faces of NuUSA, 2077″